V 6.7.5/6/7/8 : 6.8.8/9/10

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Version 6.8.9/10 calstock.org.uk and rogerlovejoy.net
change 'Full Story' to 'more' [/inc/items/model/_item_class.php]
v6.8.9 Line 2639

All versions Line 181: Add <br /> at beginning

echo '<br /><input type="submit" name="submit" . . .

Overwrote [/rsc/build/b2evo_base.bmin.css] with old hacked version from 6.7.5/6.7.8 to remove CCS errors

In 6.8.10 have edited latest file[rsc/build/b2evo_base.bmin.css]

Version 6.8.8
HTML5 & CSS3 validated calstock.org.uk only

Since 6.8.8 CSS in not valid as downloaded

All I have/had to do is customise : calstock : rogerlovejoy : unveiled : vyaj
as follows
change 'Full Story' to 'more' [/inc/items/model/_item_class.php]
Line 2276, v6.7.6 Line 2277, v6.8.8 Line 2631

Body width over screen size due to button on search widget out of position
All versions Line 181: Add
at beginning


echo '<br /><input type="submit" name="submit" class=</code />
However the button has got a blue background so I have replaced [/rsc/build/b2evo_base.bmin.css]with earlier version from my modified 6.6.1
In v 6.7.4 modified [/rsc/build/b2evo_base.bmin.css]

.btn-primary{********; background-color:#ffffff; ********}

In v 6.7.7 (6.8.8) overwrote [/rsc/build/b2evo_base.bmin.css] with old hacked version from 6.7.5 (6.7.8) to remove CCS errorsx