Limit Login Attempts

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1. Have downloaded a WorsPress plugin via
changed it's name to [limit_login_attempts_plugin] and
uploaded it to [/blog/plugins] on this site
1.1 Doesn't show as available so edit main file name
from [limit-login-attempts.php]
to [_limit_login_attempts.plugin.php]
1.2 General fiddling with code layout.

2. Ok trying to install
2.1 have to use prefix variable as set in class, similarly use const instead of Define and change syntax of names and values
2.2 Added variables from test.plugin and
2.3 Commented out the WordPress hook add_action(*(**(^^) and added function BeforeBlockableAction()

3. Plugin is now recognised
3.1 had to move consatnt outside of class to be defined ??
3.2 Plugin now available to install
3.3 Plugin installs without error

4. Function
4.1 Can edit options but they are limited to basics
4.2 The hook function BeforeBlockableAction() is an option that can be changed so
4.2.1 can I set a place for it to run
4.3 BeforeBlockableAction() operates after first failer by putting up a message

5. See BeforeBlockableAction()