v 6.10.*

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28th September Update to 6.10.3
Installed on calstock.org.uk, unveiled.info and rogerlovejoy.net
26th June Update to 6.10.2
Installed on calstock.org.uk, unveiled.info and rogerlovejoy.net
19th June Update to 6.10.1
Installed on calstock.org.uk and rogerlovejoy.net

All went smooth via filezilla ftp, ending with install folder, then prompted to update database.

Custom Edits
1. Edited body_header to denote update
Versions: Line 183 (6.10.3 Line 186) Add <br /> at beginning

echo '<br /><input type="submit" name="submit" . . .

change 'Full Story' to 'more' [/inc/items/model/_item.class.php]
Versions: Line 3261 (6.10.3 Line 3931)

SORTED: HTML5 Valid with 5 warnings that [< script type="text/javascript"] is not required.
See http://rogerlovejoy.net/blog/b2evo.php/type-text-javascript

CSS Edits
Edited latest[rsc/build/b2evo_base.bmin.css]
1. replaced auto with transparent.

2. Commented out


/*a.rollover_sprite:hover span.icon{visibility:hidden;visibility:visible\0/}
@media screen and (min-width:0\0){a.rollover_sprite:hover span.icon{visibility:visible}}*/


/*@media \0screen{#styled_content_block span[class*=status_] span,.evo_content_block span[class*=status_] span{top:-15px;left:-2px}}*/

Edited [/rsc/css/basic.css]
Line 1169 Change auto to transparent


@keyframes evo_highlight {
  from {
    background-color: #FF6600;
  to {
    background-color: transparent;