New Host

Looking for a host as to use b2evolution above 6.10.5 I will need php version 5.6+

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Libre Office Data Ranges

Version (Calc)

To specify a data range
1. Select the data range. Do one of the following:
Enter the data range in the text box.
In Calc, an example data range would be "$Sheet1.$B$3:$B$14". Note that a data range may consist of more than one region in a spreadsheet, e.g. "$Sheet1.A1:A5;$Sheet1.D1:D5" is also a valid data range. In Writer, an example data range would be "Table1.A1:E4".
In Calc, click Select data range to minimise the dialogue box, then dragover a cell area to select the data range.
If you want a data range of multiple cell areas that are not next to each other, enter the first range, then manually add a semicolon at the end of the text box, then enter the other ranges. Use a semicolon as delimiter between ranges.

The highlighted text above dose not work with the semicolon but did work with a comma

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Thunderbird Toolbar Spaces

Couldn't remove them. Found
No use, so looked in Profile > *&%*&*.default >xulstore.json open with Notepad plus and searched for 'space' Found a line of them and deleted them.

Problem sorted

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There is a Recommended Update for this PC

Delete files generating “There is a Recommended Update for this PC” pop-up:

If the pop-up still appears, you may try the following method (for advanced users):

After the message pops up next time, open Task Manager (right-click on the Task bar and select Task Manager).
Find the process responsible for the pop-up.
Right-click the process and select Open file location
A folder wiil open with one of the files highlighted.
Go back to the Task Manager, right-click the same task and select End Task. The pop-up will dissapear.
Go to the open folder again and delete the highlighted file.

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Filezilla for Windows XP

Filezilla 3.2 The one I use and copied from my computer

Filezilla 3.8 Downloaded from

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