Android UI Sounds

Wanting sound for camera click but not other User Interface sounds.
Android 4.3
1) Turn on Settings > My device > Sound > Touch sounds
2) Root phone: Root Browser: > system > media > audio > ui > : change file names so they cannot be accessed: [S_HW_Touch.ogg] [TW_Touch.ogg] by adding an x to the file extension i.e. oggx
3) Restart phone

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Staples: Resolving problem with Mobi 803W

Staples or more currently Office Outlet
Customer Services Team:
0333 300 0078 9am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday

Here's the email I sent. I did have a chat to a customer service person which was pleasant and provide some confidence as they said they thought the tablet could be returned and they would contact the Plymouth store and get back to me. So here's hoping.

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Firefox ESR

ESR = Extended Support Release for those that require plugins as since v52 they are no longer supported otherwise and will end by March 2018 completely.

Certain releases of Firefox have a corresponding numbered ESR version and the following changes can be used to update to ESR, otherwise a complet new installation will be required.

A temporary hack to enable plugins
". . . there is a way to enable Java, Silverlight etc NPAPI plugins in Firefox 52 using an about:config setting. Add new Boolean string "plugin.load_flash_only" and set it to false. Then restart the browser.”

Firefox 52 can be updated to ESR by a couple of file hacks or can be downloaded in full from

To enable the ESR release example for standard Windows 10 installation:

  1. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\prefs\channel-prefs.js

    pref("", "release");
    pref("", "esr");

  2. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\update-settings.ini.

    Change the line

Basically replace the word release with esr. You may have to exit Firefox to access and change the files, then can check that it worked via the Firefox ?>about Firefox that should state you are now on the release channel. You may then have the option to update to the ESR release.

Credits and info:

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Win 10 Start-up Problems

From previous post Problem with Mobi WinTab 803W
1. Screen gets to background with clock but cannot slide screen to login, try waiting 5 min.
2. Troubleshoot > Advanced > Restore
Preparing System Restore asked to select account but screen is unresponsive, anyway the password was the initial problem.
With a screen with no response a hard restart is required by holding the power button down for 20 seconds to switch off

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Mobi WinTab 803W

Original purchase fine later one not so. Have just copied the email I sent to Staples (Office Outlet) to Point of View ( )

see and

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