There is a Recommended Update for this PC

Delete files generating “There is a Recommended Update for this PC” pop-up:

If the pop-up still appears, you may try the following method (for advanced users):

After the message pops up next time, open Task Manager (right-click on the Task bar and select Task Manager).
Find the process responsible for the pop-up.
Right-click the process and select Open file location
A folder wiil open with one of the files highlighted.
Go back to the Task Manager, right-click the same task and select End Task. The pop-up will dissapear.
Go to the open folder again and delete the highlighted file.

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Filezilla for Windows XP

Filezilla 3.2 The one I use and copied from my computer

Filezilla 3.8 Downloaded from

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Windows 10 AntiMalware process

To disabale. Add key
To enable. remove key or change dword to zero (00000000)

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender]

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Custom File Icon

You could just put each MP4 into a file and go to right click - > Properties - > Customize - > Change Icon.

Or, you can change the MP4 icon by going to:
Start -> regedit.exe -> HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Explorer -> FileExts -> .mp4 -> UserChoice

Then look at the value next to "Progid" and underneath "Data". For instance, mine would say gomplayer.mp4.

Then go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and search for your specific file name that we just found. Once you find it, open up DefaultIcon. If there is no folder called DefaultIcon, you can right click on the folder and go to New -> Key. Name it DefaultIcon.

Once inside the DefaultIcon folder, you can then edit the value next to (Default) and underneath Data. Change the directory to your image file. For instance, if I had a folder on my desktop named MyFolder, with an image file such as MyIco.ico inside, the directory would be:

C:\Users\Taylerzy\Desktop\MyFolder\MyIco.ico, 1

The one at the end tells which icon number we are referring to (alphabetically).

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Apache Timeout

Had problems importing a database file as kept getting Timeout errror reffering to the 300 second limit. IOt took hours to find the place to change it. The place is in my Windows using a USB is[H:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httdp-default.conf].

The successful change was indicated via [phpinfo.php] and now the file has been imported succesfully

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