Broadband Speed

Appended are a few links to 'Speed Testers'.
Speed Speed is really the quantity of designed data transfer that can be transferred over a second. It is varies widely due to type of connection and distance of travel.

Bandwidth: It is best to think of this as bandwidth, i.e. the maximum amount of data that your connection can handle without many errors. For example; when sending an email it matters little if the transfer rate is highly variable as long as the message gets sent, however stability and error free transfer is highly desirable if streaming music or video

If you do not have either Fibre to the House (FTH) or Fibre to the cabinet (FTC) then you will be connected to your local exchange by a pair of copper wires. The longer the wires the lower the signal to noise ratio etc. The built in error corrections will keep chopping the signal into small bits that can be repeated and checked and so the overall speed of data transfer will be reduced. There is a table of expected transfer rate vis a vis distance from exchange.

1. which has a further option to do a diagnostic test and more

2. Ookla offers it's services to third parties a simple and quick measure of download and upload seems to note the provider but very quick simple but slow to initiate Sample of Ookla service

3. Quick download only readout:

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Computing the Square Root

How the manual calculation of a square root works:

Take the solution algebraically as (a + b) (a + b) => a2 + 2ab + b2 => a2 + b(2a +b)

The method pairs the digits from the decimal point and starting with the most significant finds the single integer square root for that pair. The second and continuing operation adds the remainder of that to the next pair. It may be that the most significant pair is only a single digit as in one hundred and forty four 1 44

Lay out the solution as though working on long division with the object under a line and the subsequent divisors to the left below each other.

Example: Find the square root of 40.96

  1. Separate the number into pairs of digits from the decimal point, which is simple in this case; rooting a number effectively halves the digits. (40 . 96)

  2. Find the highest number that multiplied by itself will divide into the first 'pair' (40)
    6 x 6=36 (7 x 7=49) so we use 6 - this is 'a'

  3. Place this number, as a part solution above its pair
    40 . 96

  4. Subtract 36 (a2) from the 40 and incorporate the next pair => 4.96

Now we use the b(2a + b) to resolve b, and can ignore the decimal point in the following processes as each solution is an integer to be placed above it's respective pair.

Now resolve the b(2a +b) from the 496

  1. Double a => 12 and move one point left => 12*
  2. Find a number such that 12* x * is equal to or less than 496 which in this case is 4 or b
    i.e. 124 x 4 = 496
  3. Place this digit above its pair
      6 . 4
    40 . 96

With no remainder the solution is complete 6.4 is the square root of 40.96.

Should there be a remainder continue the process to find another b from the remainder and the next two digits until you find a rational solution or you have a suitably significant number.

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Disabling Cortana

1. Open C:/Windows/SysetmApps and find Cortana file, something like [Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy]
2. Via task manger end Cortana
3. Change Cortana file name simply by adding an 'x'

To enable remove 'x' no need to end task as not running

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Android UI Sounds

Wanting sound for camera click but not other User Interface sounds.
Android 4.3
1) Turn on Settings > My device > Sound > Touch sounds
2) Root phone: Root Browser: > system > media > audio > ui > : change file names so they cannot be accessed: [S_HW_Touch.ogg] [TW_Touch.ogg] by adding an x to the file extension i.e. oggx
3) Restart phone

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Staples: Resolving problem with Mobi 803W

Staples or more currently Office Outlet
Customer Services Team:
0333 300 0078 9am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday

Here's the email I sent. I did have a chat to a customer service person which was pleasant and provide some confidence as they said they thought the tablet could be returned and they would contact the Plymouth store and get back to me. So here's hoping.

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