Trailing slash on void elements

13 in search.php
28 in my post widget

See b2evo blog . . .

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Windows Control [Restore]

css for Restore button.

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April 17th 2024

1. Messed around trying to get rid of useless closing slashes and messed up. site doesn't validate 22:00 Seems to have been sorted after some replacement of older 'core' files 22:13 it's back again. Replaced a call in the tag from a database copy. The error was a call that could be carried out.
Could have given more detail, so could try again.

2. Printer friendly icon is misplaced.
Edited [skins/elf_zen/style.css] but no idea why it was misplaced

3. On desktop RaspberryPi
i) Check userChrome as (hover on tabs) isn't yellow but white but yellow on Windows.
Was set to white ? Hmm!
ii) Window controls have colour :) so now check out size of labels

4. Update and check mathterms plugin.
i) The FFFD and @quest had a white diamond

It is this collection [b2evo]'s skin text colour and white doesn't go with the css background I used.
Added [color:black!important] to terms#

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2023 Work to do

  1. Hid URGENT Work unless logged in


    if (uid>0)
  2. ee > Documents > Developer > htsrv
  3. Move Calstock to ELFServer
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Access krystal host

James M


You need to fill in the details at

James M


James M



James M


Website name: your domain name

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