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The Weight of Power

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Weight and Mass, Energy and Power

Weight is the measure of mass in a gravitational field. Gravity is energy in movement brought about by mass. Any two objects of mass with have a gravitational attraction and will move towards each other and so power will be expressed in the movement. Without attraction there can be mass but no movement and no weight so no power. In the so called vacuum of space there is no weight or more properly the weight is so small that objects of mass move relatively little to each other without a third power.

Power is most often associated with mass, a moving mass more so. An elephant is powerful relatively more so when moving at speed.
A single raindrop seems rather benign to a human but not to an ant, nor a thunderstorm to humans even when the humans are 'en mass'.
The bigger the person, the more powerful, the more assets the more power, muscle, weapons and money are all assets that present an increased worth in the power stakes.

Yet unlike mass, muscle, weapons and money require movement to exhibit power.

Movement alone, with exception1, does not happen without mass: i.e there has to be something to move.
The power of the moving vacuum is relative and exists only when the vacuum has been displaced as with electron theory2. Movement has numerous properties, the most obvious being speed such that even a small mass with high velocity can have immense power. In quantum mechanics the movement is measured as weight and contributes directly to mass power.

Human Power
has to be seen it the light of intellect

There is no doubt that the intellect can add weight to a body but movement is an intermediary.

The exercise of power can be dumb as in gravity or by intellect. On and around this planet humans are the peak of intellectual power. So we people can move mountains and chase elephants, even catch the blue whale, but why do we use our intellect so.

There is no doubt the need to exercise intellect as with muscles, so control over mass and other animate beings is basic exercise, yet does intellect have an awareness of consequences? Yes some, but the thread that binds us is long and no-one can see what twists and turns are ahead and it seems there is very little concern of consequences outside our limited sensory perception.

The notion is that intellect can emulate extra senses and see the consequences not just of actions but of thoughts.

Human Power is growing largely by intellect and human development is driven by mutation. A mouse can be trapped by a device an other human by deceipt.

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